The perception of a particular place is always subjective, a landscape in combination with a certain light, a scent or a temperature can evoke in your memory and your senses a strong sense of belonging to that place. The desert transports me to an idea of absence and fullness in a balance that connects directly to my life story, my beliefs, my aspirations.
As in a trip without destination, each immersion in the natural park of Cabo de Gata transforms into a drift with the certainty of not looking for any of the images, but letting them to find me on the road. At that moment i try to read in each place what is of me and what i leave in the process, thus constructing a map of emotions i lived in every corner photographed.

“[…]Our human landscape is our involuntary autobiography […]”
Lewis Waltz
Each trip is composed of moments that define it, some are the ones you tell to your family and friends while on the table and then there are the rest, who you keep them for yourself, but you know that without them the others probably would not have arrived, or they would, but otherwise. In this selection I show you those moments, which have finished building this experience that you are now seeing in the form of an exhibition.

"For thousands of years, when the physical construction of a symbolic place was still unthinkable, to travel through space constituted an aesthetic medium through which it was possible to inhabit the world."
Francesco Carreri​​​​​​​
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