Desert Sessions "adrift until empty"
The perception of a particular place is always subjective, a landscape in combination with a certain light, a scent or a temperature can evoke in your memory and your senses a strong sense of belonging to that place. The desert transports me to an idea of absence and fullness in a balance that connects directly to my life story, my beliefs, my aspirations.
As in a trip without destination, each immersion in the natural park of Cabo de Gata transforms into a drift with the certainty of not looking for any of the images, but letting them to find me on the road. At that moment i try to read in each place what is of me and what i leave in the process, thus constructing a map of emotions i lived in every corner photographed.

“[…]Our human landscape is our involuntary autobiography […]”
Lewis Waltz
El cielo aparte I
El cielo aparte II
El cielo aparte I
El cielo aparte IV
El cielo aparte V
El cielo aparte VI
Tierra I
Tierra II
Tierra III
Tierra IV
"For thousands of years, when the physical construction of a symbolic place was still unthinkable, to travel through space constituted an aesthetic medium through which it was possible to inhabit the world."
Francesco Carreri​​​​​​​
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