One Beam Of Light
Awarded at competition. Two pictures were selected to be part of an itinerary exhibition around the world during 2 years. The opening and first location was the ICA London.  The competition was organized by and sponsored by
- Lightmade -
This project involves a wall as part of a staircase where a path with light and texture can be followed. The wall becomes a natural touchscreen where our hands reflect the emission of light creating interactive experiences between light, architecture and people. 
To see the lightmade wall in action go to: Video 1 and Video 2

- Reflections -
Reflection on spacetime. Research on the perception of the different points of view, the geometry and different thicknesses of a light beam. Play with the physical properties of light using mirrors to describe the spatial elements of the room as a sundial. 
Lightmade is an experimental collective.
Our interest in light and photography led us to experiment with the boundaries of both, trying to understand and reveal its essence.

Lightmade are:
Irene Bas
Interior and Lighting Designer
Member of (lighting Design Collective)
APDI. Professional Design member (Spanish Lighting Association)
Álvaro Valdecantos
Interior designer and photographer
Member of (lighting Design Collective)
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